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Robert F. Hungridge Joins AlliantRx as Northern NJ and Manhattan Territory Sales Account Manager

Having a talented and proven team of healthcare specialists, advocates, and pharmacy-oriented business professionals is a keystone in the success of AlliantRx and our member pharmacies.  Our pledge to “do more for you” is more than a promise, it’s a...

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Independent Pharmacy: Using Technology to Improve Medication Adherence

One of the most vital components to public health is patient medication adherence.  If patients do not take their medications properly, the ramifications can be disastrous, leading to poor health, worsening of disease states, and increased...

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Generational Healthcare: Independent Pharmacies & Generational Approaches to Prescription Medications

A recent study has shown that customer perceptions about a pharmacy via pharmacy engagement was the top driving factor in indirect effect to a customer’s loyalty (1). This shows that through positive customer engagement, pharmacies can boost customer...

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Improving Supply Chain Performance: Five Strategies to Improve Inventory Management and Boost Profit

Many local, independent pharmacies struggle to maintain their position in our ever-changing – and volatile – healthcare system.  Most struggle with the high costs associated with running a pharmacy and are always looking for ways to cut back on...

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Baby Boomers: Re-Thinking Traditional Healthcare in the United States

In our previous blog outlining millennials and U.S. healthcare much of the focus centered on the advanced technologies and conveniences millennials have come to expect. However, while U.S. healthcare is rapidly evolving in the technological sphere,...

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Millennials: Shaping Healthcare in the United States

Healthcare in the United States is evolving.  Factors such as politics and policy to generational differences effect how healthcare is approached. As more millennials enter the healthcare market, it’s becoming clear that their approach to wellness is...

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Information Technology: Making Exceptional Customer Service Possible

Technology has saturated nearly every corner of daily life – including our healthcare.  Most often, physicians are leaving traditional paper forms in the rearview as they move forward with more advanced alternatives in their day-to-day operations:...

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NASP: Calling Out DIR Fees and PBM Complicity

Last month, the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) made a bold and decisive move by stating its position on specialty drug pricing’s two most controversial issues – DIR Fees and PBM Complicity. The NASP believes that the lack of...

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Purchasing Power: Pressure from Pharmacy Buying Groups Lowers Generic Drug Prices

AlliantRx has long been a champion of the concept of “Strength in Numbers.” And, over the first half of 2017, this concept has begun to flex its muscle, gaining ground through the rising trend for pharmacy owners to enter into collaborative efforts...

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Six Easy Suggestions for Developing Effective Social Media Content

When you think of running an independent pharmacy, social media probably isn’t high up on your list.  However, while social media isn’t as important as maintaining your inventory, or catching up on the latest DIR Fee updates, it can be an incredibly...

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