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Millennials: Shaping Healthcare in the United States

Healthcare in the United States is evolving.  Factors such as politics and policy to generational differences effect how healthcare is approached. As more millennials enter the healthcare market, it’s becoming clear that their approach to wellness is...

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Information Technology: Making Exceptional Customer Service Possible

Technology has saturated nearly every corner of daily life – including our healthcare.  Most often, physicians are leaving traditional paper forms in the rearview as they move forward with more advanced alternatives in their day-to-day operations:...

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NASP: Calling Out DIR Fees and PBM Complicity

Last month, the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) made a bold and decisive move by stating its position on specialty drug pricing’s two most controversial issues – DIR Fees and PBM Complicity. The NASP believes that the lack of...

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Purchasing Power: Pressure from Pharmacy Buying Groups Lowers Generic Drug Prices

AlliantRx has long been a champion of the concept of “Strength in Numbers.” And, over the first half of 2017, this concept has begun to flex its muscle, gaining ground through the rising trend for pharmacy owners to enter into collaborative efforts...

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Six Easy Suggestions for Developing Effective Social Media Content

When you think of running an independent pharmacy, social media probably isn’t high up on your list.  However, while social media isn’t as important as maintaining your inventory, or catching up on the latest DIR Fee updates, it can be an incredibly...

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AlliantRx Announces Preferred Vendor Partnership with The Compliance Team – Provides Industry Leading Exemplary Provider® branded Accreditation Services

AlliantRx announced today that it has entered into a preferred vendor partnership agreement with the The Compliance Team (TCT). TCT is the industry leader in Exemplary Provider® branded accreditation services serving healthcare providers based in all...

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Tick Season: Education and Prevention Can Help Protect Your Customers and Boost Your Bottom Line

Staying up-to-date and knowledgeable about other summertime nuisances, say, the tick, can be a proactive move that not only supports the health of your customers, but also your pharmacy’s bottom line.

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Five Tips on How to Run a Rewarding Independent Pharmacy

Running an independent pharmacy is a calling.  Those who choose this line of business do so because they find it immensely fulfilling on a personal and professional, level.  You know that your pharmacists, and the teams that support them, are critical...

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Make Your Pharmacy the First Stop for Community Summertime Safety

It’s summertime and that means outdoor activities – lots of outdoor activities. During the warmer months, customers will participate in camping, swimming, porch sitting, bike riding, baseball games – the list can go on and on.

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Medication Therapy Management: How Independent Pharmacies Can Leverage Customer Relationships

A 2016 Kaiser Family Foundation/Health Research & Educational Trust (HRET) Survey showed that nearly half (51 percent) of U.S. workers were members of health insurance plans that required a minimum out of pocket expense of $1,000 before coverage...

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