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Weekly Blog: 4 Ways to Survive the Holidays with Social Media

  December 6, 2018  

 4 ways to Survive Holidays with social media-hero

In our last blog we talked about using your storefront to boost your holiday revenue streams. Now let’s look at four simple social media tips your independent pharmacy can use to expand your brand, boost your patients’ experiences, and extend your value well into the new year.

1. Rev up your pharmacy’s social media engagement

If you’ve been hesitating to dig in to the value of social media to promote not only what your pharmacy does, but what’s in it for your customers — the holidays are a good time to test the water. With customers planning to travel or host friends and family members from out of town and balancing larger than life to-do lists, stress can run high.

Your customers are looking for ways to reduce their holiday stress and make their lives easier. This goes double when it comes to managing health issues.

So, ‘tis the season to tap into social media to promote your pharmacy services that can relieve customers’ stress or make their lives easier over the holidays, like medication synchronization or digital refills.

2. Create interactive social media campaigns

4 ways to Survive Holidays with social media-Spot 01

When you interact with customers on social media, they become your pharmacy’s followers. When you create an interactive campaign, your pharmacy becomes more human to your followers and someone they may enjoy interacting with.

Create holiday posts that your customers will respond to through likes, comments, and shares (which is the gold standard in social media engagement). When you encourage comments and shares, you spread your brand organically — and gain more followers and potential customers. You can get creative and offer rewards for comments and shares, such as a small stocking stuffer, coupon, or discount.

Share special holiday sales offers and events (sidewalk sales, open houses), or promote a charitable cause that’s important to the community. Be sure to include pictures in your social media posts. Just like a picture is worth 1,000  words, it’s the same for social media.  Stick to images that evoke happy emotions and try to avoid using impersonal stock photos.

3. Start your own holiday hashtag

Hashtags (i.e. #mypharmacy) encourage second glances, discussions, and if they’re meaningful, inspire sharing. Choose a new hashtag, preferably with your pharmacy’s name in it. Get the hashtag started by sharing a post that includes your pharmacy’s hashtag. Then, ask your followers to spread the word and share.

4. Share holiday health tips

Nobody wants to be sick for the holidays, and yet it’s the season everyone seems to be sick. Help your patients stay well this holiday season and take advantage of social media posts to do it. ARX-541 - 4 ways to Survive Holidays with social media-Spot 02

Talk about holiday wellness hot topics like flu prevention (and vaccinations), cold treatments, healthy hand washing tips, safe food handling, and reducing germ exposures while traveling.

While you’re at it, make sure to mention your holiday hours, and promote OTC medications like cold and flu remedies, and of course, pain relievers and upset stomach medications. You can even get a jump start on promoting products and services for healthy New Year’s resolutions like weight loss, fitness, and smoking cessation. Use infographics (you can find free infographics at resources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) in your posts to cut down on text and make messages visually appealing and easy for everyone to understand. Plus, people love to share infographics on social media.

Closing Thoughts

As an independent pharmacy, health and wellness is your wheelhouse: it’s what you do. During the holiday season, your customers are particularly motivated to avoid getting sick and get well faster. Take advantage of social media to survive the holiday season with a healthier bottom line and ensure that your customers know that your pharmacy is the place to get and stay well, not only during the “most wonderful time of the year,” but year-round.

How will your pharmacy use social media to engage customers during the holidays and into the new year? Have you tried any of these strategies? Have you found a strategy or tip that works better than another? We’d love to know and may even share those experiences in future blog posts, white papers, and e-books. If you’d like to add your experience, please contact Jessica Gardner.

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