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Identifying Opportunity: 3 Key Ways to Present Your Pharmacy as a Good Health Destination

  December 26, 2017  

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Independent pharmacies consistently ask themselves what they need to make their organization more professional, engaging, and, in return, more profitable.

Many pharmacies stick to the same worn-out approaches and concepts, which can result in decreased revenue and increased challenges for remaining competitive in their communities. AlliantRx’s goal is to see our members spend much less time stressing over their approaches, and devote more time to delivering services and products that are professional, valuable, economical, and engaging for their consumers.

Begin Positioning your Pharmacy as a Good Health Destination

Aside from the obvious benefit of increased foot-traffic into your community pharmacy, positioning your company as a good health destination can also:

  • Improve engagement with consumers
  • Encourage more focused communications with consumers and local healthcare professionals
  • Increase delivery of pharmaceutical supplies, services, and programs
  • Increase positive health outcomes for your customers

Three key actions that can fast-track your pharmacy into a Good Health Destination include:

Knowing What’s Important to Your Customer

An independent pharmacy’s customer is not only the one who walks through the doors. Your visitors include the community as a whole, as well. Understanding your community is just as important as understanding your customers. When considering research that’s crafted to grab the attention of your customers, also consider outlying factors, such as community demographics (age, percentage of gender, average income, education levels, etc.). Knowing what your customers want, while having the added benefit of understanding outlying patterns and influencers, will help you better tailor your business services, products, and programs.

Utilizing Social Media and the Customer TestimonialIdentifying Opportunity- 3 Key Ways to Present Your Pharmacy as a Good Health Destination blog-02.png

More than 65% of consumers will conduct online research before ever stepping foot in a store (2).

Because consumers are doing more research, you can pretty much bet that they’re going to investigate your pharmacy before they come in to check it out.  Be sure to have a solid social media profile (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) available for these potential customers to browse. (Added benefit: The social media sphere is a great place to drill down into more detailed demographics on your community – analytics are widely-available for more-precise targeting).

Social media is the perfect place to highlight customer testimonials.  Be sure to pepper into your social sites positive online reviews and ratings that will not only entice potential customers into your store, but also increase the likelihood of having your business referred to a friend or family member.

Further, pull those customers in by offering digital newsletters that contain not only health news, but coupons and deals on upcoming sales in your store. This will build your relationship with your customer while also building your contacts

Make the investment in social medial sooner, rather than later – and be sure to keep your sites up-to-date, as old, outdated information can be viewed as a negative by potential customers.

Identifying Opportunity- 3 Key Ways to Present Your Pharmacy as a Good Health Destination blog-03.pngCredibility and Transparency

Credibility and transparency breed authenticity, respect, and trust not only among colleagues, but among patients and customers (1). Developing a personal brand that focuses on professionalism – with a personal touch – is crucial to any community pharmacy strategy when building credibility. Presenting your business as a Good Health Destination is going to require a solid build-up of credibility.  Two ways to accomplish this are through presence and transparency.

Branding your company as an industry expert is a solid move toward building presence. Sharing relevant health information, such as statistics on the importance of monitoring blood sugar or the benefits of maintaining healthy calorie intakes while battling heart disease, helps cultivate your transparency by offering information on preventative measures.

Credibility will grow organically when you take an avid interest in preventative care and maintenance of common conditions that may be prevalent in your community.

Closing Thoughts

By implementing these actions on a consistent basis, your pharmacy will build credibility as a go-to authority for more health-conscious customers, and can gain a solid reputation as a Good Health Destination within your community.

Does your pharmacy currently use any of these positioning strategies? Which ones do you utilize, and how have they influenced your pharmacy’s image? We’d love to know and may even share those experiences in future blog posts. If you’d like to add your experience to our blog roll, please contact

Be sure to follow this blog for more tips, insights and bulletins that can help grow your pharmacy and save you money – all from your partners at AlliantRx.


  1. Chisholm-Burns, M. A. (2012). Pharmacy Management, Leadership, Marketing, and Finance (p. 489). Burlington: Jones & Bartlett Publishers.



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