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Independent Pharmacy: Trends to Know for 2018

With 2017 in the books, it’s time to turn our attention, once again, to what independent pharmacies might expect in the coming year.  Industry trends change — often.  And, independent pharmacies must stay up-to-date on these evolutions to remain...

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Making a Case: Is your Independent Pharmacy Ready to Branch into Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty pharmacy services are the fastest growing segment of the pharmaceutical market in the U.S. With industry projections tracked at a 20percent growth rate per year, and specialty drugs accounting for 28 percent of the pharmacy industry’s ...

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Bridging the Healthcare Gap: Independent Pharmacies and Low-Cost Access to Flu Vaccinations

Preparing customers for flu season has always been a priority for pharmacies – both big and small. Now, with 2018’s flu season proving to be exceptionally aggressive, and this year’s H3N2 strain evolving into one of the nastiest and most pervasive...

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Virtual Retail Pharmacy: Can You Survive Amazon’s Disruption to the Traditional Pharmacy Structure?

Independent and specialty pharmacies have always had their share of obstacles in the industry. Over the past few years, hurdles such as pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), smaller, more-focused markets, short shelf lives, and maintaining a healthy,...

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Identifying Opportunity: 3 Key Ways to Present Your Pharmacy as a Good Health Destination

Independent pharmacies consistently ask themselves what they need to make their organization more professional, engaging, and, in return, more profitable.

Many pharmacies stick to the same worn-out approaches and concepts, which can result in...

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Innovative Thinking: Using Retail and Marketing Strategies to Build Independent Pharmacy Businesses

Competitive pricing is a major player in customer retention. Yet it comes to owning and running a successful independent pharmacy, financial success requires more than simply offering discounted drug prices. 

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Generational Healthcare: Independent Pharmacies & Generational Approaches to Prescription Medications

A recent study has shown that customer perceptions about a pharmacy via pharmacy engagement was the top driving factor in indirect effect to a customer’s loyalty (1). This shows that through positive customer engagement, pharmacies can boost customer...

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Improving Supply Chain Performance: Five Strategies to Improve Inventory Management and Boost Profit

Many local, independent pharmacies struggle to maintain their position in our ever-changing – and volatile – healthcare system.  Most struggle with the high costs associated with running a pharmacy and are always looking for ways to cut back on...

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Baby Boomers: Re-Thinking Traditional Healthcare in the United States

In our previous blog outlining millennials and U.S. healthcare much of the focus centered on the advanced technologies and conveniences millennials have come to expect. However, while U.S. healthcare is rapidly evolving in the technological sphere,...

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Millennials: Shaping Healthcare in the United States

Healthcare in the United States is evolving.  Factors such as politics and policy to generational differences effect how healthcare is approached. As more millennials enter the healthcare market, it’s becoming clear that their approach to wellness is...

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