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What to Expect with 340B in 2019 – The Debate’s Not Over


At AlliantRx, we know drug pricing remains a top priority for you, your pharmacy’s business, and your patients. We’re committed to keeping you in the loop of key issues that can affect drug pricing and help you navigate them accordingly.

Over the...

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Proposed Drug Pricing Rule – A Closer Look and its Potential Industry Impact


In November 2018, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released a proposed rule called “Modernizing Part D and Medicare Advantage to Lower Drug Prices and Reduce Out-of-Pocket Expenses.”

This proposed rule is comprised of several...

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Your Pharmacy's Guide to Key Medicare Part D Changes in 2019 – Part 2


Welcome back to our discussion of 2019’s key changes in Medicare Part D, and how those changes are poised to impact the operations and relationships of independent pharmacies.

In Part 1, we discussed the addition of new policies aimed at curtailing...

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Your Pharmacy's Guide to Key Medicare Part D Changes in 2019 – Part 1


2018 saw some drastic changes across the board in terms of U.S. policy and regulations. Unsurprisingly, healthcare remains one of the biggest hot-button issues, which has led to adjustments that impact all players – from healthcare professionals to...

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Drug Shortages – What Does 2019 Look Like and How Can Your Pharmacy Manage It?


Drug shortages have skyrocketed since 2010, growing to become one of the biggest supply chain issues facing healthcare professionals and the patients they serve. These shortages affect the quality of patient care, increase costs for hospitals and...

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Top 5 Ways to Grow Your Community Pharmacy in 2019


Growing your community pharmacy can be tricky work. Faced with fierce competition, loads of red tape, and declining profit margins, many community pharmacies are taking on those shrinking profits with an end goal of growing their business, and...

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Patient Survival: Finding Profit in Supplements


Nutrition and vitamin supplement sales are a big pill to swallow – and a profitable one, say health care market researchers. According to Hamacher Resource Group, supplement market value in the retail  sector reached almost $7 billion in the U.S....

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The Riches are in the Niches: Finding Your Community Pharmacy’s Niche


Withdeclining margins from PBMs and increased competition from chain retail pharmacies, independent pharmacies are getting creative in how they approach their community’s –– and customer’s –– needs.

Niche markets make it possible for independent...

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Weekly Blog: 4 Ways to Survive the Holidays with Social Media


In our last blog we talked about using your storefront to boost your holiday revenue streams. Now let’s look at four simple social media tips your independent pharmacy can use to expand your brand, boost your patients’ experiences, and extend your...

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Six Holiday Store-Front Tips to Make Your Bottom Line Brighter


Enjoying bottom line success during the holidays is about more than adding the right stock to your pharmacy. It’s about building and promoting a well-planned front-end, plus an enjoyable buying experience that will stick with consumers throughout...

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