Return Solutions

Founded in 1992, Return Solutions is a pharmaceutical reverse distributor providing services primarily to retail independent pharmacies throughout the United States. With a focus on simplifying the process of returning or disposing of prescription and over-the-counter merchandise, Return Solutions offers members a simple, efficient, and cost effective service.

Their OneCheck Select program leads the industry in speed of payment and ease of credit tracking. All credit due from Return Solutions is issued in a single check, directly to the members, within either 30, 60, or 90 days. All credit included is listed by manufacturer on the check stub, eliminating the need for the members to track those credits by individual manufacturer. They simply deduct their all-inclusive fee from the check, so there is no up-front payment or invoice. There are no additional charges for destruction of non-returnable items, controls processing, or shipping.

Return Solutions offers both on-site and off-site processing. And, while their On-Site program is by far the most comprehensive service in the industry, their Mail-In program offers an economical solution for those who prefer off-site processing as well.

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