Founded in 2011, YellowShake’s mission has always been to provide their customers with technology and business cost reduction solutions that enhance productivity, reduce costs and streamline operations.

FedEx and UPS guarantee on time delivery. Are you aware that you can increase your businesses’ profitability by receiving refunds from FedEx and UPS for late deliveries?

YellowShake’s approach simplifies the refund recovery process, which saves you time tracking FedEx and UPS shipments and requesting refunds. By providing a cloud-based shipping refund recovery solution which manages the entire refund recovery process, our members can focus on their pharmacy business and customers instead of chasing shipping refunds. Sign Up today and start increasing your profitability.

There are two ways to sign up: Online or download and print the Registration Form and follow the instructions outlined. Download and view the complete YellowShake Proposal.

Yellowshake’s FedEx /UPS Refund Recovery Service is transparent and easy to use and navigate. Sign up today to start protecting your shipment dollars!