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Building Your Pharmacy’s Top Talent Pool

Unemployment rates in the US are at their lowest in decades. This is great news for the economy; however, it can result in complications when attempting to fill open positions in your pharmacy.

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Five Ways to Boost Your Pharmacy’s Performance

By now it’s no secret that independent and local pharmacies influence performance metrics for insurance plans and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and, conversely, that PBMs rate their partners (those same pharmacies), using metrics that could very well affect their reimbursement.

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Financial Challenges and Your Pharmacy: How to Take on the Giants

Out of all the challenges thrown at independent pharmacies today, those most likely to keep you awake at night are financial – especially as you continue to take on retail giants. In fact, these challenges are so pressing, they continue to come up in legislative and analyst forums year-round.

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4 Trends That Can Make, Shake, or Break Your Pharmacy

Basic marketing principles known as the “marketing mix” tell us that there are four controllable variables in marketing that can help determine success. The highly coveted “four P’s” include: Product, Place, Promotion, and Price

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Building Adherence into Your Pharmacy – 5 Steps to Get it Right

It starts with ownership. Every stakeholder owns a large piece of adherence, but it frequently falls on the community pharmacy to make it happen. That said, there are ways for community pharmacies to help patients stick to therapy, the way it was prescribed. And you can do this by building adherence into your practice, starting now without costly technology and tool additions.

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The 80/20 Rule: Can Your Pharmacy Make More $ with Less?

Are you a follower of Pareto’s Law? If not, it might be time to become one. Pareto’s Law, or more accurately, The Pareto Principle, tells us that 20 percent of our customers represent 80 percent of our sales. Also, that 20 percent of our efforts produces 80 percent of our results.

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