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Independent Pharmacy In 2020: The Resurgence of Retail

“It’s A Retail Apocalypse!” “Traditional Retail is Dead!” “The Fall of Brick & Mortar!” These are just a few of the headlines we’ve experienced over the past five years and, to be fair, the introduction of online shopping giants (Amazon, for example) has challenged traditional retail markets. No one will deny that. However, that doesn’t mean retail is “dead.” In fact, brick and mortar retail is once again on the rise and expected to continue rising in 2020.

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4 Ways to Use Quality as a Brand Differentiator

Quality is quickly becoming more important to customers than price when considering a purchase. In fact, a recent study found that 53 percent of customers polled rated quality higher than price (38 percent) as a deciding factor when buying a product or service. And this can be a game changer for smaller pharmacies.

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First Rate Patient Care Part 2 – Breaking Down Three Critical Patient Connection Barriers

Your community is unique and diverse. There’s no other community quite like it. And your community is likely diverse with many people who communicate through languages other than American English. In fact, according to researchers, some 23 million Americans today struggle with limited English-speaking skills. It’s likely that some of these people are your pharmacy’s customers.

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Building Your Pharmacy’s Top Talent Pool

Unemployment rates in the US are at their lowest in decades. This is great news for the economy; however, it can result in complications when attempting to fill open positions in your pharmacy.

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Five Ways to Boost Your Pharmacy’s Performance

By now it’s no secret that independent and local pharmacies influence performance metrics for insurance plans and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and, conversely, that PBMs rate their partners (those same pharmacies), using metrics that could very well affect their reimbursement.

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Financial Challenges and Your Pharmacy: How to Take on the Giants

Out of all the challenges thrown at independent pharmacies today, those most likely to keep you awake at night are financial – especially as you continue to take on retail giants. In fact, these challenges are so pressing, they continue to come up in legislative and analyst forums year-round.

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