You’re an independent pharmacy owner. More than anyone, you understand how running a community pharmacy is unlike operating any other business.

From dealing with regulations, to managing patients, to negotiating drug costs and handling inventory, independent pharmacy owners face unique challenges on top of the everyday operations of running a small business. With every challenge you face, how can a community pharmacy compete against national and retail chain giants—especially when going it alone?

The answer is simple: you no longer have to go it alone. You can find strength in our numbers by joining an alliance of hundreds of community pharmacies like yours that enjoy volume benefits similar to those of chain drug stores. Find out more about our exclusive Evergreen program.

alliantRx, one of the fastest growing independent retail chain buying groups, can help you to succeed by providing you with benefits including generic drug cost discounts and savings, access to financial best practices and exclusive business building resources—once only available to retail pharmacy giants.

Don’t go it alone. Maintain your independence while enjoying the benefits of a chain drug store.

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Never Miss Out on Your Eligible Shipping Refunds

YellowShake is a cloud-based FedEx/UPS refund recovery solution that manages the entire refund recovery process for our members, so you can focus on your business and customers while increasing profitability. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today at