Tracking Expired Product: Return Companies Can Eliminate Waste and Inefficient Product Return

Nov 1, 2016Expired Medications, Independent Pharmacy Insights, Money Saving Tips

You don’t have to lose money because of expired products. You’ve got a partner who can change that, right here, right now.

In any business, especially pharmacies, unproductive stock is money that counts – but gathering, returning, and tracking these expired products can be labor and time intensive. Luckily, the pharmaceutical sector is seeing a rise in “return companies.” These are companies who partner with pharmacies to take over this challenging returns process, and help their members turn around expired products in order to get the most out of their money.

Some Problems Pharmacists Run into with Returns

Most pharmacies handle their returns in one of two ways:

  • By manually scanning shelves for expired items themselves;
  • or by partnering with a returns company who offers either mail-in services, or can send a trained representative to pull stock for their members.

And, while manually scanning your shelves may seem to be the least expensive route on the surface, this is where the process can actually cost more – by becoming so labor intensive that the work is either delayed or simply doesn’t get done.

Think about it, you would have to have someone who can check expiration dates on all of your products. And if something is missed, and goes too far past its expiration date, you could miss out on receiving that refund. Just as bad, that very same return could be missed if you send it to the wrong company, or the incorrect address.

Mistakes happen, but when the mistake is on your end, you could pay the price in missed return funds.

But this isn’t the case with independent pharmacies who partner with a reliable return company with a proven track record. While there is a cost for the services, if or when errors happen, you’re guaranteed your return. An added benefit is having a team of professionals who are versed in return policy, shipping, and tracking – which takes all of that data-heavy, time consuming processes off your task-list.

Access Return Solutions through your alliantRx membership!

Here at alliantRx, our members partner with Return Solutions, a return processing company that was founded to help independent pharmacies get the most out of their returned products. With over 6,000 pharmacies serviced and 56,000 returns valued at over $350M in credit for independent pharmacies, Return Solutions delivers you an unmatched level of expertise in this industry.

Return Solutions’ OneCheck Select® gives you the option to choose a single check for all of your returns in a 30, 60, or 90-day period after a return is made.

Further, return Solutions helps you stay in control by:

  • Issuing all returns in a single check
  • Making a 30, 60, or 90-day return option available
  • Structuring their fee schedule according to the timeframe chosen
  • Deducting fees right from returns so there are no invoices to track
  • Virtually eliminating credit tracking for you
  • Offering transparency with no hidden fees
  • Online management for ease-of-access, free of charge
  • Offering on-site and mail-in return services

Make Sure You Receive All of Your Expired Product Returns Credit

Take advantage of your member benefits by partnering up with Return Solutions, an industry-leader in independent pharmacy returns management. Their OneCheck Select program will help you reclaim the time spent tracking expired product return credit – and ensure that you get all of your credit due through a single check. And, to make it even easier, you can have fees automatically deducted with no invoice tracking, easily view manufacturer credit values that are listed on each check stub for easy reference – and virtually eliminate credit tracking.

As an AlliantRx member, you receive the 30|for|90 promotion on your first return with Return Solutions: your check will be issued to you in just 30 days at the same rate as the 90-day option. Reclaim your credit now: call Return Solutions at 865-777-4582, or visit them at to get started.

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