Generational Healthcare: Independent Pharmacies & Generational Approaches to Prescription Medications

Nov 20, 2017General Healthcare, Marketing Tips, Pharmacy Growth, Pharmacy Insights, Technology

A recent study has shown that customer perceptions about a pharmacy via pharmacy engagement was the top driving factor in indirect effect to a customer’s loyalty (1). This shows that through positive customer engagement, pharmacies can boost customer perceptions and strengthen their ability to increase and maintain their current customer base far more effectively than through the use of medication price strategies alone.

With the torch being passed from the baby boomer generation to the millennial generation in the bulk of the healthcare market, these two market segments are of particular value to the growth and sustainability of the Independent Pharmacy.

There is great value in knowledge. And in our continued effort to provide value to our members, we’ve put together some important key points and statistics that are driving the Independent Pharmacy market today.

This infographic is your go-to breakdown of the shifting market segments in the pharmaceutical industry from 2017 and beyond. View the infographic below or download it here.