Get the Most Out of Your Membership with alliantRx

Sep 12, 2016Independent Pharmacy Insights, Member Benefits, Pharmacy Insights, Preferred Vendors

By joining alliantRx, you’ve taken a vital step toward driving the success of your independent pharmacy. Rising from a collective need by community and independent pharmacies to be able to compete with larger, national retail chains and PBMs, alliantRx has helped level the playing field for hundreds of independent and community pharmacies – giving you an equal voice in the industry.

Since its inception, alliantRx has worked diligently to create systems and programs that utilize more dynamic and vital supports and services – supports that will help you manage, promote, and maintain a more profitable pharmacy, giving you the necessary edge they need to remain competitive.

What’s in it for you?

Through a newly enhanced Prime Vendor Agreement (PVA), alliantRx leverages over $900 million in annual purchases on your behalf and has delivered over $2.3 million in member savings on generic purchases during the first half of 2016, alone. That’s a pretty significant draw. However, membership benefits in alliantRx’s Evergreen™ program offers so much more, including:

Economic Benefits:

Maintain profitability with access to exclusive and significant generic price discounts and compliance drivers; the more you participate, the better the discounts!

Obtain a financial snapshot into your economic picture, plus weekly performance status report card access.

Affiliation Benefits:

Gain an advocate and a collective voice for escalating product and service issues.

Pharmacy Business Insights:

Tap into best practices for managing CMS claim reversals, marketing, patient acquisition, financial management and more.

Stay up-to-date on regulatory and compliance changes; in fact, we’ve got up to the minute intel on CMS star ratings, and how they boost your relationships with health plans, as well as the latest scoop on DIR Fees and how they affect you.

Instantly access marketing and communications know-how to stay connected to today’s digital patients.

Preferred Vendor Program and Consultative Services:

Access discounted services routinely used by retail pharmacies through our Preferred Vendor program.

Gain expert counsel if you decide to expand into specialty pharmacy.

The competition in the pharmaceutical industry is fierce. And no one feels that pressure more than
independent pharmacies that fight, daily, to compete with the powerhouse chain pharmacies within their communities.

But it doesn’t have to be so hard, not when we’re here to supply you with the tools and expertise that will allow you to jump into the larger arenas and compete alongside those national chains. By taking full advantage of your member benefits, your pharmacy can realize the maximum return on its investment.

Be sure to follow this blog for more regulatory and reimbursement intel, tips and bulletins from your partners at alliantRx.