Healthy Living and Your Pharmacy

Mar 31, 2020General Healthcare, Independent Pharmacy Insights, Social Media

Social distancing and stay at home orders have given us the motivation to get fit and healthy. More than ever people are outside bike riding, walking, jogging, and rollerblading (while safely maintaining the 6ft rule). As an independent pharmacy you have an opportunity to help your patients continue their newfound health journey well after we have put the Coronavirus pandemic behind us. Now is the time to prep your pharmacy and make sure you are on the right track to offer patients top quality health items and be the go-to expert for lifestyle  management changes.

Have a Nutrition Line

Provide your patients with keto products, proteins, collagen peptides, vitamins, supplements, non-GMO and clinically based formulas that deliver incremental profits to your pharmacy. Most vitamin and nutritional vendors will set your pharmacy up with a free 2-4’ planogram that includes at least 1 SKU for over hundred products (a retail value of approximately $1,500)! Make sure to offer free samples or host giveaways where patients can earn free vitamins or health products.

Consider Lifestyle Modification Programs

Encourage your patients to develop better living habits and smarter eating choices. Weight management and lifestyle modification programs offer benefits for pharmacies such as differentiation, increased and sustainable revenue, and community health improvement. With these programs, patients have access to healthy meals, shakes and a certified lifestyle coach assisting patients with obesity screenings, health education, and lifestyle counseling.

Stock Sunscreen

People of all ages should take precautionary measures from the sun’s harmful rays. With most physical activity taking place outside and summertime around the corner, there is no better time to provide sunscreen products and highlight it on an endcap. Sunscreen should be worn not only at beach or pool, but every day. Make sure to offer a variety of SPF’s, lotions, sprays, oil-free, and of course the aloe-vera to help aid in any direct sunburns.

Don’t Forget to Suggest CBD

CBD is all the craze now. Pharmacies should be the go-to place when patients are seeking a reputable brand to buy. CBD comes in the form of tinctures, capsules, gummies, topicals, etc. It helps patients with all kinds of problems and can help treat those with chronic conditions, cancer, diabetes, help relieve anxiety, reduce depression, inflammation, treat pain, and improve sleep.

Post Health Tips on Social Media

Engaging with your patients on a social level is an important step in managing any retail business, especially a pharmacy. Use your advantage as a pharmacist and create a healthcare destination by sharing fitness and health tips, share smoothie or healthy dinner recipes, post workout moves, or host fitness and motivation challenges (Remember, the pushup challenge?) You can also offer a gift card for patients who engage and interact with your account.

Closing Thoughts

No matter what the age, health and physical activity should be an essential part in your patient’s day to day. With these tips your pharmacy should be the go-to destination to help your patients continue down the right track.

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